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Welcome to Diamond Rasayan

Silicone EmulsionWith the gradual evolution of man from the age of primates, we have advanced in almost every field. One of the basic needs of man that arose as a result of evolution is clothing. Along with food and shelter, an individual requires standard clothing too. What started from the hides of wild animals and foliages has now reached the fathoming heights of the apparel industry.

The textile and fabric manufacturing companies have established their stronghold over the world market. The reason for this is the quality of the products supplied by them. The longevity of various fabrics and textiles is attributed to the use of various chemical products such as silicone softeners, silicone emulsions, textile softeners and fabric softeners.

The recent progressions in the chemical industry have provided various options for improving the serviceability of fabrics. Our site facilitates you with the latest and finest quality chemicals for your endearing clothes at easily affordable prices.

Some of the products provided by Diamond Rasayan are:

Silicone Emulsions:

  • Silicones have been best known to impart softness, superior handle and optimum comfort properties to your desired fabric.
  • Out of the many modifications of silicones, amino silicones are known widely for facilitating extremely soft handle to various fabrics.
  • These softeners are best applied in the form of an emulsion as silicone emulsions.
  • Suitable for cotton fabrics mostly.
  • Along with imparting durable softness and surface smoothness, other requisite properties of the administered fabrics are also elevated such as:
    • Abrasion resistance.
    • Tensile strength.
    • Cut and sew properties.
    • Crease resistance.

Fabric softener:

  • Facilitates excellent internal softness and surface feel.
  • Fabric softeners are experimentally stable to hard water and very easily dispersed in cold water.
  • Considered most apt for natural as well as synthetic fibers such as nylon and other varieties of fabric.
  • Shows minimum signs of yellowing when subjected to use in high temperature dryers.
  • Recognized for imparting velvet like, fluffy silkiness.

You may receive further info on the specifications, quality and uses of our products in the products portal of this website. Have a look and choose your desired product! Contact us for more details on the products!