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Silicone Softener

Fabric Softner

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Fabric Softener makes fabric Soft & Shiny

Fabric softener or fabric conditioner is a product also known as moisturizer composed of oils and lubricants. These conditioners detach the light objects from your fabrics. These characteristics of ionic objects not only occur with the fabrics but also with many items like metals, plastic etc.

There are many kinds of lubricants such as-Acetic acid, Di alkyl di-methyl ammonium chlorides, Esterquats etc. which are used as softeners. But there are also some silicone based fabric conditioner like polydimethylsiloxane which helps in fiber lubrication methods. Also functional groups like derivatives of amine- and amide- attached to some chemical compounds help in the fabric moisturizing industries.

Advantages of our conditioners:-

  • We provide softeners which are easily dissolved in water (soluble).
  • You can feel the wonderful softness by touching your fabrics.
  • Yellowness of fabrics vanishes from your clothing.
  • By our product you will get smooth, silky and soft fabrics.
  • These are user friendly and affordable to every person.

Silicone Softener:

When polyether groups which are chemically water-loving groups are added to the silicone, the fabrics will definitely be more permeable to water and thus water absorbing capability increases.

Why should you use our silicone softeners:

  • Our softeners can give you a smooth and soft feel to your hair and skin.
  • The products provided by us can help you with your irregular fabrics.
  • We use a very wide range of substrates that will help you with fabrics.
  • We give you products which are easily soluble in water and work as a fine lubricant.
  • Our softener is highly permeable to water and gives your all types of clothing a waterproof coating by which your expensive fabrics will keep away from harmful objects.
  • Our silicone softeners have a high quality of intensity which prevents it in addition with other substrates and lubricants. This helps you to avoid any kind of chemical reaction.

Textile Softeners:

If the texture quality of a fabric is abnormal then the softness and smoothness quality can’t be expected well. So, here we provide a wide range of textile conditioners for specially soft and silky feather like fabrics.

Our services for efficient quality of textile softeners:

  • We give a wide range of conditioners for effective service that will help you keep your happiness always on your face.
  • Our softeners are easy to handle. It’s convenient way of dissolving nature will impress you a lot.
  • Our packaging process is well organized in such a way by its thermal resistive capability.
  • Our products are non-hazardous in nature. So, you don’t have to worry about the toxic nature of our softeners.
  • It prevents and lowers the yellowing effect of fabrics.

Generally people think that softeners are toxic and harmful to use. But our products pass through many steps of environmental testing. By which you can be relieved and use these products with no reaction to skin and harmless in inhaling. It is also compatible with the solvents that are used for after finishing wash. There are no signs of headaches, loss of memory or any other physical or chemical hazards by using these conditioners. Call us today for a demonstration of the product!