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Silicone Emulsion

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Silicone emulsion Uses

  • industries

  • plastics , rubber

  • Car polish

  • Household polish , cleaner

  • Vermiculite , clay & perlite

  • Printing , paper making

  • Furniture

  • Leather

  • Hot-metal lubricant , coating

  • Rubber , latex & eva products

  • Other industry like Chemical &
    Pharmaceutical and paint , Varnish etc.

  • applications

  • Lubrication , release agent

  • Gloss , spreadability and protection & weather resistance

  • Improve gloss , spreadability and protection

  • Water repellency

  • lubrication , Antistatic agent

  • Polish

  • polish , cleanser

  • Release agent

  • gloss


Silicone emulsions are non toxic products which are nonreactive compositions of chemicals having inherent abilities. These products are now a day’s used in various kinds of industries. Some examples are stated below:-


  • Plastic and rubber industries
  • Fabric industries
  • Wood and paper industries
  • Glass fiber industries
  • Metal industries etc.

  • Generally non-ionic emulsions are used widely as both the two systems are similar in temperament with the non-ionic type emulsion. But depending upon the purpose of the application the first two emulsion systems can also be preferred.
  • In general emulsions are diluted with water for safe usage. As government is concerned about the environment, emulsions diluted with water are highly demandable.
  • Diamond Rasayan has been renowned for manufacturing and supplying emulsion of silicone.
  • Production and supplying of these emulsions, Diamond Rasayan team has developed innovative processes and advanced equipment for making emulsions.
  • We focus on the manufacture of advanced quality emulsions and have good development processes as a nice silicone emulsion supplier.
  • Our industry has a specialization in manufacturing good class of emulsions made off very vast range of fluids.
  • We produce our materials under the supervision of many experts and impart exceptional qualities of emulsions, those help in many kinds of industries.

Benefits you will receive :


  • The emulsions supplied by us give great inner softness to your fabrics.
  • It gives good smoothness if you are dealing with fabric industry.
  • We provide silicones which later on help in conditioning of hair, skin and fabrics for nice smoothness of good quality.
  • We make wide variety of emulsions for fabrics, leather (skin) and hair.

Our services:

  • We provide our services in one basic motive i.e. we maintain good relation with the customers.
  • We want to see ourselves as a better silicone emulsion supplier in accordance with the reviews of consumers.
  • Diamond Rasayan tries its best to give the best service as an emerging silicone emulsions manufacturer.
  • We help you to take your products to sky high limit after the finishing touch of our emulsions that makes your product better in the eyes of the customers.

Our Special Objectives:

  • We give our one hundred percent to manufacture good quality of silicone emulsions at a very high assurance level.
  • We give great value to the medical products that come to us as patients’ lives depend on it.
  • We are a kind of firm that thinks to put quality first then check our benefits.
  • We are trying to earn the standing that one day our company will count in top emulsion companies through the concerned reviews of satisfied customers.

Additionally each and every product of our emulsion company evolves through our advanced testing methods and at first some chosen consumers are there to analyze it before the commencement of the product in to the market. By which we give customers a product with positive efficiency.